Magnus Skjegstad


A stand-alone Bloom filter in Java

There are several Bloom filter implementations available in Java, but most of them depend on other libraries or are themselves a part of a larger library. This project aims to provide a simple Bloom filter implementation without other requirements than the Bloom filter class itself. It is currently hosted at GitHub.

If you just want the Bloom filter, download it here. For some code examples, see this page.

Bitcoin Ticker

Bitcoin Ticker is an iOS application for downloading the current Bitcoin exchange rate and getting notifications when the exchange rate goes above or below a certain value. In December 2013, Bitcoin Ticker had close to 100 000 downloads and was used on 12 500 devices per day. Bitcoin Ticker was acquired by XBT Apps Ltd in December 2013.


An implementation of a protocol for reliable publish/subscribe in wireless mesh and ad-hoc networks that I developed for my PhD. Homepage here


An experimental framework for evaluating software in mobile ad-hoc networks. The network topology is emulated using ns-3 and the software on each node runs within a Linux container. The framework is written in Python and is available for download here.


An open source Java-implementation of WS-Discovery. WS-Discovery is an OASIS standard for discovery of Web Services without the need of a registry. The implementation is up to date with the draft specification, and the code in the respository should be working with the full specification of 2009 as well. The library is currently hosted at Google code.

Bloom filter calculator

An iOS-application I wrote while learning Objective C and Cocoa. The application is free and lets you easily calculate different Bloom filter parameters, like optimal length, false positive probability and so on. It can be downloaded from here.