Magnus Skjegstad

AR.Drone test flight #1

I bought an AR.Drone some time ago, but I haven't been able to do any testing with it until now. Yesterday we did a short experiment to see if it could lift the mobile phones we used for the chat experiment.

In this picture the phone is taped to the side of the AR.Drone. The phone was running an Android app which took pictures at regular intervals and sent its current GPS position. The GPS coordinates and the images were then sent to a laptop. Here are two of the pictures taken by the phone.

We also recorded a video of the experiment. The AR.Drone did not seem to have any problems stabilizing itself with a mobile phone taped to its side.

Here's some of the output from the test program on the laptop. It only shows the GPS coordinates in this screenshot.

(Video and images by Ketil Lund)