Magnus Skjegstad

AR.Drone test flight #1

I bought an AR.Drone some time ago, but I haven't been able to do any testing with it until now. Yesterday we did a short experiment to see if it could lift the mobile phones we used for the chat experiment.

Experimenting with distributed chat

In this experiment we use a remote controlled airplane and an Android phone to carry data between two computers. The idea is that in environments where you are without a network connection you could still get a working network environment with the help of mobile nodes picking up messages in one area and delivering them in another. A typical scenario is for example rescue operations, where people may move in and out of a difficult to access rescue area and carry messages with them on their mobile phones. Although we focus on chat in this experiment, the real data carried could be anything you could store in a file, e.g. medical data from patients, information gathered from sensors in the environment, images etc.